Hello, gamers! We are back with our gaming tips and tricks. Today, we are going to talk about one of the most played games on Facebook called Everwing. We covered some Everwing tips and tricks in one of our previous posts too. Today we are going to provide you with a detailed guide on Everwing Guardians. In this Everwing Guardians guide, we are going to share all the knowledge you need to choose the best guardian. So, without any further ado let’s start with our Everwing Guardians Guide.

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GuardianDescriptionUnlocks atPro Tip
AliceAlso known as the Guardian of Courage, Alice is the bravest guardian. She loves challenges and is ready to battle with the monsters anytime! Default Guardian.
Costs 0 coins.
Alice is a pretty average guardian. Just use her to unlock other guardian asap.
FionaAlso known as the Guardian of Dragons, Fiona took birth in the wilds and was raised by the might y dragons. Level 2. Costs 1000 coinsLeveling up your dragons becomes so easy with Fiona as they earn 2x XP with her.
SophiaSophia is also known as the Guardians of Adventure. She is a explorer and is always looking for more adventures.Level 3. Costs 12000 CoinsSend her to quests as she completes them 2x faster than other guardians.
LilyLily is a master alchemist. Her alchemy skills have got her the name of Guardian of Fortune. Level 6. Costs 30,000 coins,The sooner you unlock her the better it is. Lily has the ability to 2x the coins that you have earned.
AuroraShe is the guardian of the nature. Aurora loves nature and her mission is to protect it at any cost.Level 19. Costs 150,000 coins. Aurora has special magnets attached to her which attracts everything. So, you know how to use her. As the monsters get more annoying Aurora proves to be a great fairy.
LenoreMysterious and dark fairy. She is a loner. Some people believe that she has 2 lives. Level 25. Costs 150,000 CoinsLenore has 2 lives. So, you get two opportunities. Can be really useful when you are trying to beat the high score of your friend.
JadeThe Guardian of Shadows, a monster assassin who fears nothing. She sometimes hits the monsters really hard while they can't even touch her. You have to beat Spike Boss and then you might get this guardian from the Magical Chests. She has the ability to become invincible and give 2x damage to her enemies but it has to be charged again and again. You can use this ability of her in Boss raids.
ArcanaShe is the guardian of magic. She has got many tricks up her sleeve. One of her famous trick is to clone her sidekicks to help her in the war against monsters and bosses. You have to defeat the Ice Queen and then you might get Arcana as a reward in magical chest.Arcana does great in Boss raids due to her ability to clone her sidekicks.
LyraLara is the Guardian of Might. She used to be a part of Royal Everwing Airforce. Defeat Dr. Mekaniac and you might get her as a reward in the Epic Chests or higher. She is useful for low level raid bosses.
TrixieBy looking at her you can tell that she is a guardian of mischief. She loves sweets and as her sugar level goes to full she starts wrecking her enemies. You get her as a reward from Reward Chest after completing the challenge mission streak.Trixie eats candy to fill her sugar meter. Once full, she can rush through monsters completely wrecking them for few seconds. Use her in the Normal Run mode.
LuciaShe is the coolest guardian out there, literally! She has the ability to freeze her enemies mid-fight. You have to participate in the raid event called the Ice queen returns. After that, you might get her as a reward from magical or legendary chest.NA


So, now you know everything that you need to know about Everwing Guardians. If you like the info provided here don’t forget to share it with your friends and other gamers! Stay tuned for more Everwin Guides, tips, and tricks. Thanks for reading.