PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks: The Comprehensive Guide

PUBG Mobile has been a sensation among mobile gamers. If you are not playing this game then you are missing a big part of the fun. Today in this post I am going to provide you all the tips and tricks that you need to learn to become a master of this game. These PUBG mobile tips and tricks are for every gamer out there. Doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or a PUBG God I assure you that you will learn something new in this post. So, let’s get started without any further ado.

PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks from Beginner to Pro

Now, if you are a beginner in this game let me tell you one thing, this game is not like any other game you have played till now. The concept is unique and the person with the most skills and the fastest brain is going to survive to beat all the other 99 players. Factors that are going to decide whether you are going to be victorious or not are: –

  1. Your aiming skills.
  2. Your decision-making capabilities.
  3. And sometimes your luck.

You can’t control your luck, but you can train your aiming skills and decision-making capabilities. Let’s go step by step and learn about the best PUBG mobile tips and tricks that will give you a good head start in this game.

Where to drop?

Let’s learn about both the safest and the most challenging dropping areas of each map.


Stalber, Difficulty level: – Low to Medium, Loot:  Medium: – Dropping to Stalber is a safe way to start your game. It has low risk and a sufficient amount of loot to give your game a good start. You can find the loot in the group of four yellow houses and in the radar tower. Also, don’t forget to look inside the garages and ruins.

Pochinki, Difficulty level: – High, Loot: High: – If you want some action Pochinki is the place to visit. Being in the center of the map Pochinki is one of the favorite dropping places of PUBG gamers. It contains the good quality of loot in a good amount. But due to it being a high-risk area newbie don’t like to drop here. But if you want to feel some thrill in the game and are tired of playing passively, areas like Pochinki can really make the game more exciting for you.

Yasnaya Polyana, Difficulty Level: – Medium to High, Loot: Medium: – Yasnaya Polyana is one of the biggest cities in Erangel. As it has a vast area spotting enemies here can be a tough job. There are many buildings and other structures where you can hide and search for loot. Police Station, Library, and Church are some good places to look for loot. The 3 building group can also be a good place to land and look for loot.

Rozhok, Difficulty Level: – Medium, Loot: Medium to High: – Rozhok is another city placed at the center of the map. It has a few houses and buildings on both side of the road where you can search for the loot. The warehouse uphill may also contain good quality loot sometimes. You have to beware the enemies hiding in the buildings while looting the area as you can become an easy target for them. After looting you can just camp at the water tank which serves as a good sniping spot. Rozhok can be invaded by players dropping at school.

School, Difficulty Level: – Insane, Loot: Excellent: – If you are dropping to school get ready for some action. School is a hot spot for every PUBG gamer. If you are bored of passive play and camping and hiding school is a good place to get out of boredom. Choosing a good dropping spot matters a lot here. There are many benefits of dropping at school. As you get more chances of engaging in a combat your close combat abilities improve drastically which is a must for beginners. If you survive in school you get to enjoy a really good quality loot. But be ready to get shot down in a few seconds if you fail to find a weapon quickly. You can also consider dropping at apartments near the school.

Military base, Difficulty Level: Insane, Loot: Excellent: – Another hot spot for PUBG players. Many players drop here to find a good quality loot. Military base provides you with some excellent quality loot and a chance to improve your close combat skills just like School. It can be overcrowded sometimes so if you don’t know some good loot spots then you can be killed any moment after dropping. You can try searching for the loot in Radar tower and Catwalk. Usually, more experienced players drop here.

Hospital, Difficulty Level: Low to Medium, Loot: Medium: – The structure of the hospital is similar to school with lots of room to search for loot. But due to its location is not as popular as the school. You will not find many players dropping here hence it’s a safe place to drop with a decent amount of loot.

There are many other places that you can explore and find what suits you the best. Some of the places to consider are – Quarry, Shelter, Georgopol, Mylta Power and Prison.

Read: –


Los Leones, Difficulty Level: High, Loot: High: – This vast city is known for having some of the best weapons in the game. Los Leones is a huge city and is a great place to drop if you have the skills to survive and are daring enough to drop into an overcrowded area. You are sure to find some good weapons and loots here so do give it a try.

Pecado, Difficulty Level: Medium to high, Loot: High: – One of my favorite places to drop it. Pecado is a great place to drop if you are looking for some high-quality loots with comparatively less competition. It’s a three-story gymnasium and has tons of gears, helmets and everything you need to have to play a decent game. You can search for loot in the stairs of the gymnasium and in a few of the rooms present. It’s surrounded by an open area so chances of getting shot are higher. But dropping here is worth it. Go give it a try.

Water Treatment, Difficulty Level: Medium, Loot: Medium to High: – Water treatment is another good place to consider dropping at. It is situated in the middle of the map which allows you to loot without having to worry much about the play zone. If you are dropping at water treatment I would advise you to not search in the buildings present there initially as they have lots of small rooms where you can waste your time without finding any good loot. Go and search at water mixers, silos and pipes initially and then if you want you can search in the buildings. As it is a centralized area and open from all sides you have to be a little cautious about getting shot from nowhere.

Campo Militar, Difficulty Level: High, Loot: High: – Just like the Military Base in Erangel the Campo Militar is also a home of great loots and weapons. But as you would have recognized till now that with great loot comes great competition. So, don’t be surprised if you get knocked down just after dropping here as this area is a mess. Also as it is located at far north of the map you will have difficulties reaching to the safe zone which is usually near the center of the map.

El Pozo, Difficulty level: Medium, Loot: Medium to High: – If you are one of the first persons to drop at this place then congratulations you will get to enjoy a hell lot of loot and weapons. But if you find that your enemies have already touched the ground and have started looting stuff it’s better if you just change your course and go to Crater Fields instead. El Pozo offers great angles and camping spots on which you can catch your enemies off-guard. With a good amount of loot, El Pozo becomes a good dropping spot for you to start your game with.

Other dropping spots that I would advise you to explore are Crater Fields, Chumacera, San Marcos and Junk Yard.

Next in our PUBG Mobile tips and tricks guide is the weapon rankings. We will learn about the best and worst weapons in all the categories.

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PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks: The Weapon Guide

After reading and learning about some of the most popular dropping spots let’s learn about weapons. The weapons that you possess are one of the major factors that can decide the result of the match for you. So, deciding which weapon to pick and which one to drop can help you in getting some kills and eventually winning the match. First of all, let’s start with ranking the weapons from the worst to the best category wise.


Pistols help you in getting your first few kills after you drop. Choosing a good pistol can decide whether you are going to survive or not. So, let’s look at all the pistols ranked from worst to best.


R1895 is a 7-round revolver and uses 7.62 mm bullets. It gives a good damage to the enemy but has a painfully long recoil time and a slow firing rate. If you find this gun just after you drop it’s better to not use it, instead use your fist to kill the enemy.

pubg mobile guide


R45 is also a 6-round revolver and uses 0.45 ACP bullets. It’s slightly better than R1895 as it has a faster reloading time but as it uses 0.45 ACP bullets the damage is pretty low. This revolver is only found in the Miramar map.

pubg guide



It uses the 0.45 ACP ammo and has a much faster firing rate and reloading than R45 or R1895. The only downside of this gun is its slow muzzle velocity which makes it less effective at ranges greater than 50 meters. It is advised to use this gun with an extended mag.

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P18C a.k.a. Glock is a full-auto 7-round pistol. Although it has the lowest damage among pistols but still it boasts the highest damage per second even beating some of the SMGs; thanks to its full-auto feature. But the full-auto feature of this gun comes with the downside of a high recoil. You can also use this gun in the single-round mode. It uses the 9 mm ammo which can be found easily in ample amounts.

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The best pistol in this game is the P92 also known as the Beretta. It has the highest bullet speed among the pistols and has a fairly good damage. It is hard to choose between the P18C and P92 but as P92 is my personal favorite and has really helped me in early close combat situations I will put it above the P18C pistol. It uses 9mm ammo and can hold up to 15 bullets in its magazine. It will be better to use it with a quick-draw/extended quick-draw magazine.

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There are 4 types of shotguns in this game. Shotguns can be really useful in close combat situations just after you land. Shotguns can kill your enemy in one shot if they are not armored. It takes 2 or at most 3 shots to knock down an enemy with shotguns if they are armored.


S12K or Saiga-12K is a magazine fed 12-gauge shotgun. It can hold up to 5 bullets per magazine. Although it has a good power and damage it feels a little less accurate and I personally don’t feel that comfortable while playing with it in comparison to other shotguns. The good thing about the S12K is its faster reloading time and a slightly faster fire rate.

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This 2-round shotgun shoots two 12-gauge rounds at the same time which gives a huge damage to the enemy. But despite its huge damage, the gun is not worth using (unless you have just dropped and don’t have any other weapon) because of its long reloading time and very low fire rate. It loses damage at long range even with a choke it can’t be trusted.

pubg mobiel weapon guide


This gun is only available in Miramar and you can call it the S686 of Miramar. The best thing about this gun is that due to its small size it easily fits into your handgun slot. Just like S686, it fires two shots of 12-gauge giving a good damage to your enemy. It has a faster reloading time than S686.

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I like this shotgun personally there are a few reasons why. First, it holds up to 5 bullets which make your life easier in starting situations where a lot of guys can rush you. Using S686 in such cases is not a good idea. Secondly, S1897 has a good damage and faster reloading time. It is much more stable and accurate than any other shotgun. Next, in PUBG mobile tips we will talk about SMGs.

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SMGs can be used both in the initial stages of the game and final stages of the game. They are amazing when it comes to close combat situation. They have a great firing rate and a decent damage.


The Micro-Uzi can be a great weapon to have in the initial stages of the game when you have just dropped. They can wreck your enemies with their great fire rate. But still, it is not one of the best SMGs we have in the game. The reason why it is not the best is that it has a small mag capacity for an SMG,  it drains out pretty quickly and is totally ineffective at long ranges. It has the lowest damage among the SMGs so if you don’t hit the target nicely you might get killed. I don’t feel comfortable using it and will never use it in the mid-game. The in-game description of this gun sums it up.

Spray your ammo but beware to not shoot yourself in the foot



A lot of you might not agree on this one but Vector’s small mag capacity is the culprit of it not being the best submachine gun. It can hold only 13 bullets at once which drains out pretty quickly. If you can find an extended mag then you might consider using it in the starting or maybe even in the mid-game but that’s it. You can’t use it as one of your primary weapon whole game. I don’t hate the vector but it’s just not made to fight against ARs due to its limited mag capacity.


This gun can be called as one of the best SMGs in PUBG. Some people say that it is overpowered and they are somewhat correct. When combined with a red dot sight and an extended mag this gun can bring havoc on your enemies. It holds 30 bullets and has a pretty good damage. If you find it lying on the ground, don’t hesitate just pick it up and start wrecking your enemies.

Tommy Gun

This gun is the best SMG for a reason. Firstly, it has the highest damage among the SMGs. Second, it can hold up to 30 bullets which is equal to what UMP9 can hold. It uses the 0.45 ACP bullets which can be found easily in the whole map. We highly recommend you to use this gun with an extended mag as the reloading time remains the same and the mag capacity doubles. Although it has some high recoil but no worries as it has a good damage which can kill your enemy easily. Here’s a fun fact about Tommy Gun: – When the game first came out the Tommy gun used to be an air-drop weapon. So we can say that it posses the quality of an airdrop weapon. Next section in this post about PUBG Mobile tips is about the Assault Rifles.

Assault Rifles

Assault Rifles are the guns that you can rely on. You can use them at any phase of the match. They give an excellent damage to the enemy and can be one of your primary weapons. When we talk about ARs the bullet speed plays a great role in determining which gun is the best as ARs can be used as a sniper too and nobody likes to see the bullet drop after traveling a certain distance.


This has to be the worse AR in PUBG Mobile. There are few reasons for this. First, this gun has a really huge and unpredictable recoil pattern that you can’t master easily. Second, the range is the lowest among other ARs. So, this has to be the worse AR in PUBG Mobile. Although I still like it to use it in close combats. With a red dot on this gun can be lethal in close combat situations.


Although this gun has the highest range among other ARs (except for recently added AUG which is to be found only in drops) and is a little bit better than AK for sure, but it still can’t compete with other ARs in this list. It doesn’t have a full-auto mode which I think is not that necessary as it completely works fine in the single fire mode. The damage is a little less than other ARs.


This is an air-drop weapon only and can be called as a slightly better version of AK-47. It has a far less recoil and a decent damage. But risking your life to get this weapon out of the air-drop is something I would not advise you to do. If you feel safe in getting to the air-drop then you should definitely prefer this gun over M16A4.


One of my favorite guns in PUBG Mobile is the Scar-L. It has a good fire rate and decent stability if you know how to control the recoil. It can prove to be useful in almost any situation in the game whether it be a long range shot or a mid-range kill you can use Scar-L without any hesitation. Just try to get a vertical foregrip and a compensator on and after that, you can wreck your enemies even on full-auto.


This a decent AR which can be used both as a long-range and mid-range weapon. It has a surprisingly low recoil and a good damage per second. It’s great to use this gun with a holographic site. I usually love to play with M416. One of the best thing about M416 is that it can accept most of the attachments of any of the other ARs. After putting on attachments this gun becomes a beast. The in-game description sums it up.

Germans do things properly


According to me, AUG A3 is the best Assault Rifle in PUBG. Although it’s only available in drops still it’s worth risking your life. AUG A3 has the fastest muzzle velocity and exceptionally well handling. Although due to its slow firing rate it is not good for close combat situations. The slow firing rate, however, is the reason for its stability and good handling. If you are lucky enough to find it in the air drops and get away safely then it can be an excellent weapon to have in the game.

Snipers and DMRs

DMRs can be used as a sniper if you have a good scope. DMRs have really long range and very high muzzle velocity. Unlike snipers, DMRs have a higher fire rate. All these qualities of DMRs make them a really lethal weapon.

Talking about snipers, I think we all know what kind of killing machines they are. If you know how they work and are aware of the techniques you need to know to make long-range shots then you are invincible. They give your enemies some good damage and can kill them in one or two shots. I am going to rank DMRs and Snipers in the same list.


I think we can all agree on this. VSS is the most trash sniper rifle in this game. It uses 9 mm bullets (yeah the same one that most of the SMGs use) which makes killing your enemy from a long-range nearly impossible. In addition to that, it has a really huge bullet drop because of its low muzzle velocity. If you are using VSS then keep in mind that you need to give multiple hits to your enemy in order to kill him. The only good thing about VSS is that it has got a built-in silencer so if you are accurate with your shots it is going to be a little hard for your enemies to understand where they are getting hit from. I personally don’t hate playing with this sniper.


SKS’s huge recoil and slow fire rate is the reason why it is the second worst sniper rifle/DMR we have in the game. It’s just really difficult to play with this gun and nearly impossible to play in a close combat situation. The only good thing about this gun is that it uses 7.62 mm bullets which gives a good damage to the enemy.

Mini 14

This gun was one of my favorites until few updates changed the way it behaved. It is slightly better than SKS due to its higher fire rate. It uses 5.56 mm ammo and has a mag capacity of 20 bullets. I would leave this gun for any AR. I just don’t feel comfortable playing with it. The iron-sight is also not that good.

MK14 – EBR

This gun is only found in air-drops. It uses 7.62 mm bullets and you can call it a better version of SKS. MK14 also has a full-auto mode that makes it usable at medium and short ranges. Just find some good scope or holographic/red-dot sight and it’s good to go. But I don’t think this gun is worth risking your life in pursuit of air-drops.


One of my favorite guns in PUBG Mobile, the Kar-98K is a beast if you know how to use it. It gives a huge damage to your enemy and can kill them in 1-2 shots. It uses 7.62 mm ammo and is a bolt-action type sniper. The only problem with Kar-98K is that if you miss a shot putting another round into the sniper is going to take a while. So, be precise and accurate with your shots while using Kar-98K.


One of the best snipers in PUBG Mobile is M24. It is again a bolt-action sniper and uses 7.62 mm bullets. M24 is only found in air-drops but it is worth risking your life for. 2 shots of this gun can kill any enemy you want. Just be precise and enjoy the chicken dinner. With some good scope, this gun becomes a beast.


You can call this gun the queen of PUBG Mobile. This is a one-shot dead gun no matter what kind of armor your enemy is wearing one shot of this gun will lead to his/her death. If you have this gun then you have the match. Chicken dinner becomes so easy to get with this gun. Unfortunately, this gun is only found in drops. But if you are lucky enough to find one with an 8X scope and a silencer then you are going to win the match that’s for sure.

PUBG Mobile Guide: Tips and Tricks for beginners

Okay, so now you know about the best weapons and some of the best places to drop at in the maps. Now, it’s time to learn about some skills and techniques that will help you survive in the game. So, let’s get started with some more PUBG Mobile tips and tricks.

  1. Drop in highly populated areas: – Dropping in the overcrowded area improves your close combat abilities. Don’t worry if you get killed after 10 seconds of dropping. Go back, find another match and drop again at the same place. Repeat it until you feel comfortable in dropping in that area. Apart from improving your close combat abilities, it will also get you some good weapons as overcrowded areas usually have the best weapons.
  2. Predicting the safe-zone: You can’t predict the next circle, there is no secret to be known for that. The only thing you can do to stay in the safe zone is to go to the center of the circle. Center of the circle is included mostly in the next circle. Even if it’s not inside the safe zone it will be not far away from it. But expect some enemies there as everyone wants to get near the center.
  3. Going for the air-drop: – When I started playing this game I usually never went for the air-drop instead I used it as a bait. All you have to do is hide near the drop and kill others as they come for the drop. This will get you some easy kills. After killing others you can go for the air-drop yourself.
  4. Rush your enemies: – An easy trick to get some easy kills in the starting of the match is to rush the players who don’t have a weapon yet. So, suppose you and your enemy dropped at the same place or pretty close to each other and you have found a weapon. At this moment instead of searching for an armor or any other weapon, you can surprise your enemy by rushing towards him. If he hasn’t found a weapon yet then it is going to be an easy kill. Even if he has a weapon he will not be expecting you as he will be busy finding other weapons and stuff.
  5. Don’t ignore the grenades, flash and smokes: – Many newbies don’t use grenades or flashes or smokes. They can be really useful in mid or end game. Is an enemy hiding inside the building? Throw a grenade and make him come out or just kill him easily by cooking the grenade. Want to rush a person hiding in a house or a tree? Use flash or smokes to easily sneak towards him.
  6. Only shoot when you are in range: – Try to kill an enemy only when you are sure of hitting him/her. If you miss the shot you will unnecessarily draw the attention of your enemies around you. In the final stages of the match when only 10-20 players are alive and the circle is small it’s better to use your gun as little as possible as giving away your position at that moment can be risky.
  7. Don’t forget about the map: – Many newbies do this mistake. They get so indulged in looting that they completely forget about the safe zone and hence die outside the play zone. Remember, always keep an eye on the map to stay inside the safe zone. Dying outside the play zone is a complete waste of your hard work. So stay aware about the map and the play zone.
  8. Use your ears: – Don’t play this game without putting on an earphone. Earphones help a lot in understanding the position of your enemies. Listen to the footsteps or gunshots of your enemies and analyze where they can be. Also, you can use the map to know the position of your enemy. Every time someone shoots or walks nearby a red color mark will appear on the map which will tell the position of your enemy.

If you want to play this game on your PC you can download the official Tencent Gaming Emulator for PUBG by clicking here. Now let’s look at some advanced PUBG Mobile tips.

Some Advanced PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks

After talking about some basic PUBG mobile tips and tricks let’s focus on some advanced tips. After you feel comfortable in implementing the above tips you can then start implementing these advanced level tips.

  1. Close the door or not? : – After entering a home in search of loot there are two options that you can choose between. First is closing the doors after entering. This will make your enemies feel as if the house you have entered is not looted yet. They will be provoked to enter that house in search of loot where you will ambush them and get an easy kill. The second option is a defensive one. Leaving the doors open will make your enemies think that the house is already looted and hence they will not enter that house and you will be able to play defensively without engaging in any fight.
  2. Baiting an enemy: – If you manage to get a good weapon and a secondary weapon in the initial phase of the match then you can use your primary weapon as a bait for other players. Just drop the weapon and some ammo on the ground and hide and wait for others to come and collect it. Once they start collecting the gun and the ammo come out and kill them. They will not be able to shoot you as they will be busy collecting or reloading the weapon. This is one of the ways of baiting your enemy, be creative and find other ways to bait them.
  3. Dropping near the overcrowded areas: – All you have to do is drop in the small houses and buildings situated near an overcrowded area, find the weapons and gears as soon as possible (keep it minimal) and rush towards the overcrowded area. You will be able to catch enemies (who dropped in the overcrowded area) off guard as they will be busy in searching for weapons and will be going from one building to another. A good place to test this strategy is Gatka in the Erangel map. There are a bunch of small houses near Gatka where no one lands. You can drop there, get some weapons and rush towards Gatka to get some easy kills.
  4. Communicating with your team members: – You need to have a good communication and coordination with your teammates if you are playing squad game. A good coordination is a key to winning in PUBG Mobile. Talk to them, give calls and stay together. Scattering in different areas of the map is not at all a good strategy.
  5. Learn about the recoil and bullet drop: – Some guns like AK-47 have a huge recoil and bullet drop. You need to learn these recoils and bullet drop patterns by practicing more and more. This game is very realistic hence you will need to learn things like i) shooting a little ahead of your enemy if he/she is running, in order to land the shot perfectly ii) Recoil Control iii) Managing bullet drop. You can learn these stuff only by practicing more and engaging in more combats. Don’t shy away from shooting at long ranges.

So, that’s it we have told you everything you need to know to become a decent PUBG Mobile player. These PUBG Mobile tips and tricks are guaranteed to help you in getting your first chicken dinner. I am going to update these PUBG Mobile tips and tricks so stay tuned. Thanks for reading, don’t forget to share this article with your PUBG squad. Goodbye!


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